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Asphalt Paving in Keaau, Hawaii


Asphalt Paving

Civil Construction asphalt paving is known for its durability and resilience. It is this strength which makes asphalt pavement the best option for most paved surfaces. Most state and federal projects we’ve completed in Keaau, Hawaii highly prefer asphalt pavement because of its reliability and lasting life. If it is properly laid, it need not be replaced for twenty to twenty five years. Asphalt pavement is also the most popular choice for applications such as driveways, parking lots, roadways, airstrips and more. Civil Construction asphalt paving is everywhere. Asphalt is also the most commonly recycled material before paper or plastic. Most of all asphalt pavement is recycled when it is removed. Without question, if you are looking for lasting pavement for these applications, and one that can be used over and over again, asphalt pavement is the best choice.


Benefits from Civil Construction asphalt paving services in Keaau, Hawaii:

  • Costs less to construct and maintain asphalt than alternative pavements.
  • Asphalt construction projects can be completed more quickly than alternative pavements.
  • Asphalt pavements are the smoothest pavements.
  • Asphalt pavements generate less noise than alternative pavements.
  • The contrast of the black pavement and white lines make it easier for motorists to understand driving and parking regulations making asphalt a safer pavement.
  • Properly designed, constructed and maintained asphalt pavements last significantly longer than alternative pavements.

Civil Construction asphalt paving looks better, lasts longer and can be installed quickly. Most people in Keaau, Hawaii take roads and driveways for granted, and don’t consider all the benefits offered when the right material is used. When properly implemented asphalt is better for overall driveability, appearance, your budget and the environment.

These days, different types of materials are used for the purpose of paving roads. Out of all, asphalt is described as one of the best available materials in this regard. Paving roads with asphalt from Civil Construction in Keaau, Hawaii can provide you with the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

Some major advantages of using Civil Construction in Keaau, Hawaii asphalt for pavement of roads have been listed below. These include economical, safety, recyclable, durability, and less maintenance. Let us discuss all points in detail.

Civil Construction
Civil Construction


This is one of the major benefits associated with Civil Construction asphalt paving in Keaau, Hawaii. Using asphalt as a pavement material has economical benefits. Being a low-cost building material, it saves much of your money that can be utilized somewhere else. Not only this, it is also very easy and simple to use. Thus, using it also saves your precious time and effort. Also it dries up very easily, which means roads and highways will not remain blocked for a long time.

Civil Construction

Safe way of paving roads

The next major benefit of Civil Construction asphalt paving service is its safe nature in Keaau, Hawaii. It has a smooth-like finish that provides individuals with reduced splash back and enhanced visual distinction between road markings. Also, this paving material keeps roads free from ice and snow.

Civil Construction

Recyclable nature

Recycled material is also responsible for the rising popularity of Civil Construction asphalt paving in Keaau, Hawaii. It is a recyclable material that means it can be used again and again. Using this material means that we are preserving our natural resources. Because of its recyclable nature, it also reduces the production of waste. This in turn helps in controlling the rising landfill situation. Also, it is an eco-friendly material as it does not move into the waterways and develops into solid mass rapidly.


Durability is also an important benefit of Civil Construction asphalt paving in Keaau, Hawaii. Asphalt is a weather resistant material that can be easily used for low and high traffic conditions. It is capable of resisting harsh weather conditions and delivers high performance. In other words, it is capable of delivering a high-performance under any of the conditions.

Less maintenance

Last but not the least is that the asphalt paving requires very less maintenance. These are some of the major factors that have contributed a lot in making asphalt a popular choice for paving roads. You can take help from a reliable and professional company in order to get the roads paved with asphalt.

When you choose a material for your commercial or residential surfacing project, you want to go with the one that will give you the most long-term value. The road surfacing professionals at Civil Construction in Keaau, Hawaii, say asphalt pavement is a superior material suited for a wide variety of projects.

Civil Construction
Civil Construction

Affordable - Concrete doesn’t compete with asphalt’s low life cycle cost. Not only is it faster and more affordable than concrete installation, but it is also much less expensive to repair.

Durable - Asphalt pavement is incredibly durable and will last for decades if it is built and maintained well. Well-built roads and driveways should last at least 15 to 20 years before needing major reconstruction.

Safe - Asphalt pavement offers several safety features. It can be formulated to prevent skidding, promote water drainage, and protect drivers during inclement weather conditions. Moreover, studies have shown, because asphalt roads are quieter than concrete ones, they help prevent driver fatigue.

Versatile - Asphalt pavement is not just for roads and driveways. It is also used in a variety of commercial and residential construction projects, including running tracks, athletic courts, and barn floors.

Recyclable - Asphalt is 100% recyclable and is the most-recycled product within the United States. Old pavement can be removed, crushed, and mixed with fresh asphalt for reuse in future paving projects, reducing its impact on the environment.