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Septic Tank Installation in Kona, Hawaii | Hilo


Septic tank installation

Roughly a third of all new home buyers are choosing the ecological benefits of using a septic tank system to recycle their home’s wastewater. Whether you’re building a new home with a septic tank system or replacing an existing one, here are a few things to know about Civil Construction septic tank installation in Kona, Hawaii and Hilo, Hawaii.

There are four main components in a septic tank system.

Main drain - This is where all of the different pipes in your house lead to. All of your home’s wastewater will flow through the main drain into the septic tank.


Septic tank - The tank will be located several feet away from your home, depending on local building ordinances. There will be a cap for pumping and inspection access. The wastewater will collect in the tank, letting the solids settle on the bottom. The water on top will then be distributed into the drain field.

Drainfield - Sometimes referred to as a leach field, will be in a large area of your yard. It’s a specifically designed system of pipes that will distribute the wastewater slowly into the soil.

Soil - The soil beneath the drain field will remove the contaminants from the wastewater. The water will eventually be purified before it reaches the groundwater.

How long will the system last?

The longevity of Civil Construction septic tank installation depends on what the tank is made of and the specifics of the soil in the drain field in Kona, Hawaii. Tanks made of steel might only last 15 to 20 years. You’ll get a longer life out of a concrete or plastic tank, as they can last for 40 years or longer.

What size septic tank do you need?

The size of the tank will depend on the size of your home in Hilo, Hawaii and how many bathrooms there are. Most Civil Construction septic tanks installations will hold at least 750 gallons. The most common size is around 1000 gallons but can be as large as 1250 gallons or more. The most important thing is to have a tank that will support the home’s actual water usage.

Give us a call today for all of your Kona, Hawaii septic tank installation needs. Whether you’re looking for septic system pumping, inspection, repair, or installation, our local septic system installers will be at your disposal. Civil Construction available for any emergency septic system installation issues.

Civil Construction
Civil Construction

Go With an Eco-Friendly Option for Your Waste

Take advantage of our septic tank installation services in Hilo, Hawaii. You might not think much about your septic system's environmental impact, but we do. A septic tank septic system installation from Civil Construction is better for the environment than some other waste management systems. That's because it can filter water on-site, making clean water more readily available.

If you're searching for an eco-friendly septic tank installer, turn to the experts at Civil Construction. You can get our septic tank installation services in Kona, Hawaii and Hilo, Hawaii. We'll provide you with a smooth process and top-quality system. Our team will also make sure that your system is up to code. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our septic tank installation services. We'll tackle every aspect of your installation. Our team will handle your installation from start to finish. You can rely on us to:

  • Survey the site
  • Test the soil
  • Get the proper permits
  • Excavate the land

Are you completing a new construction project or looking to add capacity? Turn to the highly experienced team at Civil Construction for all of your septic system installation needs. We have the experience and equipment needed to make your septic tank installation in Kona, Hawaii as hassle-free as possible for you. We work with contractors, homeowners, and business owners alike.

How long does installation take? There are a lot of factors that come into play with Civil Construction septic tank installation in Hilo, Hawaii. These factors include your location, size of your wastewater treatment system, and local regulations. Another factor that often comes into play here is the weather. Expect at least 7-10 days for installation. Here are just a few of the many benefits of our septic tank installation services.

Public Health - Septic tanks can reduce the risk of diseases from being transferred through your household water.

Environmental Benefits - wastewater treatment removes pollutants from surface water and reinvigorates groundwater.

Economic Benefits- these systems help rural and suburban areas reduce energy costs to collect and treat wastewater.